A Brief About Me

I am a well-established professional, with 12 years of solid expertise in the I.T industry.

I started my technical career at the age of 23, after completing Microsoft and Cisco certifications (MCSE, CCNA and CompTIA A+). In addition to this, I could also write basic programming code (VB and C++). Following this, I worked intensively for 3 years in both software and hardware, which included building servers, creating NAS and SAN Fiber storage. I also gained experience in network security.

Throughout my career, I have kept up to date with technologies and have improved my coding skills with web development using PHP language and mySQL/MariaDB Database. I have also been providing technical consultancy for small and large businesses. The client list has since grown and I extended my coding skills to include Python3, WordPress, Javascript ES6, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, IONIC and Angular.

I am currently managing three dedicated servers in Germany providing my clients dedicated, reliable and secure online hosting. The business portfolio is entirely managed by me, and I do not outsource any services. I provide clients with their source code and documentation so that they have full control over their projects.

I remain open to new opportunities and technologies and improving skills.

My Ethics

  • I adhere to all laws and regulations as set forth by the United States and International Governments for business, cyber and internet regulation.
  • I regard each client’s project as if consulting my own.
  • I act in good faith when consulting and giving advice to my clients.
  • I am always committed to the well-being of my clients and their organizational objectives.
  • I maintain strict confidentially regarding client data and business operations.

When you work with me, you benefit from my knowledge, experience, study, tools, services, precision, guarantee, security, reliability, time, punctuality, professionalism, responsibility.

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